About Me

Adetona Omokanye is a graduate of the University of Lagos with BSc in Marine Science¬† and earn his Master degree in Marine Pollution and Management. He’s a documentary photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He’s work navigates and positions at the fore-intertwined relationship between beauty, self-acceptance and environmental pollution. He participated in canon Selphy Street photography workshop (2018) . He’s a member of Native Creative Lab (2018) set that held at Africa Artist Foundation. He’s a member of African Photojournalism Database (APJD) a joint project by World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa. His works have been featured on Farabale Africa and World press photo instagram page Four to Follow.¬†His works have been published in, magazines and websites such as Spigel, Business day, Frankfurter Rundschau, and Weser kurier. Adetona worked on different projects which include Beyond 4ft 10Inch, For The Love of Train and The poisoning village. In the pursuit of his career as a visual artist he strongly believe that photography can light up darkness and expose ignorance if project were properly document.